Theaster Gates

Theaster Gates, Gone Are the Days of Shelter and Martyr, 2014 (still). Video, sound, color; 6:31 minutes. © Theaster Gates. Courtesy White Cube and Regen Projects, Los Angeles.

Chicago-based artist Theaster Gates (b. 1973, Chicago) draws upon his interest and training in urban planning to create works centered around history, community, and performance. For "Grief and Grievance" Gates presents Gone Are the Days of Shelter and Martyr (2014), filmed at the now-demolished Roman Catholic Church of St. Laurence on the South Side of Chicago. Featuring Gates's frequent collaborators, the Black Monks of Mississippi, the piece reanimates the abandoned church, harnessing its dormant creative potential and attesting to the persistence of spiritual life. This work will be on view on the Third Floor at the New Museum.